Thursday, 24 April 2008


A space for project artists to reflect on what has been achieved in the R&D process so far...

The recording of our evaluation discussion (edited) can be found here...

Joe x


  1. For the Neo-futurist project I collaborated with sound artist Harry Neve to create a performance for voice and disused machinery. Our work explored the idea of the 're-awakening' of the city. One the one hand, we reflected on the evolution and state of our relationship with technology since the birth of Futurism. On another level we looked again at the story of The Sleeping Beauty and re-emagined the 'City' as a contemporary sleeping beauty, numbed by information-overload and its relicance on technology. We used what we called the 'waste of language' (coughs, grunts, yells etc) and broken machines (laptops, mobiles phones, scanners etc) to generate a performance which seeks to discover a new way of thinking about technology and voice.

    Mikhail Karikis

  2. 'ALL I'm asking is Optimism....'
    is a tongue in cheek line from my performance'Mix' for the Neo-futurist Project; starting points for me were Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook, snippets and cuttings from the the Neo-futurist manifesto, a pinch of humour while making up wild recipes inspired by the Futurist cooking spirit; ideally I would have wanted the machines and sound of the foods tell the tale, using food-recordings, live looping of cutting up food- with time and technology restraints I decided to play with my own voice and text and food textures.
    Being part of the neo-futurist project has been a pleasure, inspiring and fun- loved working with and amongst different modalities; now looking forward to create a wild and fabulous'Gesamtkunstwerk'!
    Eva Weaver

  3. A magical opportunity to enter a subterrainean world where subconsious motivations became the films creative impetus. The collaborative process was utterly instinctive and rewarding.


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