Friday, 30 November 2007

First Artists meeting @ Blank

Some fotos from Sunday y'all...

Meeting thoughts

Very much enjoyed our first meeting. Felt very positive at the end due to the great breadth, and just as importantly depth, of the work that was presented. I'm on the project to help disseminate the manifesto, but if any of you want help or would like to collaborate on a technology-based piece, let me know.

Good luck all in your other non-futurist (presentist?) pursuits and hope to see you soon.


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A starting point for research... (the best resource on the internet for everything to do with sound art in all its forms and a great source of written material as well, such as the futurist Art of Noises manifesto) (the woman responsible for reconstructing Russolo's intonarumori) (The Estorick Collection - a private collection in London of futurist art works) (the first dada manifesto - notice the language and how similar it is to certain strands of junk emails) ( a good basic introduction to futurism),,2174986,00.html ( a great article about changing perceptions of city soundscapes)

Monday, 12 November 2007

Awake fellow futurists!

We must not be afraid to…

Rush headlong into a thunderous future Tear down the walls of the academies Attack mediocrity at every turn Terrorise and disable all bureaucracy Celebrate NOISE in all its disruptive and rapturous forms