Monday, 20 December 2010

The End of Listening

The End of Listening (ReAwakening of a City #5)
by Joseph Young of The Neo-Futurist Collective

a&e gallery, Cheltenham Place, BRIGHTON. Jan 7th - 23rd (weekends only)

20th April 1914: Immediately before the outbreak of the First World War, the premiere performance of a revolutionary noise symphony Awakening of a City by futurist artist Luigi Russolo.

Almost a century later, a group of artists, led by Brighton-based Sound Artist, Joseph Young, come together to respond to the surviving 7 bars of the printed score in a series of ReAwakenings.

In this latest solo work, The End of Listening (ReAwakening of a City #5), Joseph has created an immersive sound installation for iPods at a&e gallery in Cheltenham Place, Brighton.

The sound files will be available online at from January 7th. You are invited to download the work at home and then bring along your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player and listen to it in our “auditorium”; or alternatively, you can pick up a pre-loaded iPod at the door (limited numbers available).

Preview: Friday 7th January 2011 @ 7 - 9 pm with an exclusive performance and artists' talk by Joseph Young.

Friday, 14 May 2010

An interview on

Marc Garrett interviews Joseph Young.

Founded by Joseph Young in 2007 - The Neo Futurist Collective consists of a group of highly accomplished artists who have come together to celebrate urban noise in all its' visual and aural forms.

Inspired by the Milan Futurists and the Art of Noises manifesto (Luigi Russolo, 1912), as well the poetics of the Dada movement, the collective are arch-modernists; united in the hope of a positive future where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all its spurious forms.

Current and recent commissions include performance with 'Curious in The moment I saw you I knew I could love you'. Artist-in-Residence at Blast Theory; workshop leader with Mikhail Karikis at Tate Modern - The voice and everything else; a series of commissioned films with video artist Abigail Norris for Architecture Inside Out A - a collaboration between disabled artists and architects at Woking Lightbox and Tate Modern.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Preview in Portslade

Have a look and listen on my personal blog to hear and see the outcomes of my residency at Blast Theory. I had an incredible week and am deeply indebted to "the Blasts" for their support and encouragement.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

ReAwakening of a City - a micro-performance

Joseph Young aka Giuseppe Marinetti will be the latest Artist-in-Residence with Blast Theory, in Brighton from April 26th-30th.

"In this latest piece of research, I will work solo, using field recordings from Portslade, found objects on the street and text, to present a short binaural location performance for an audience of 8 people at a time. I am interested in the theatricality of the binaural medium, whereby the listener is immersed in a 3D soundscape. To create the illusion of an aural stage, I will be using the “dummy head” technique. Supported by the lovely people at Blast Theory, I intend to develop a short performance score, weaving together text and sounds, both “live” and recorded, to create a noise network, following Russolo’s classification system in the Art of Noises manifesto."

"This work-in-progress will be experienced via headphones in a forgotten corner of 20 Wellington Road on Friday 30th April 6.30-8.30 p.m. I hope it will be both playful and insightful; an unusual way of experiencing those sounds/images that we normally ignore or consciously block out."

RSVP to Dan Lamont by Thurs 29th April

Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Pause and then a New Beginning

NeoFuturist Falicitations!
It's been a long while, my comrades and friends, since I posted here - but I am delighted to announce that NeoFuturism is flourishing and actively making links all over the globe.
Recently, I was delighted to reacquaint myself with my dear friend, Luigi Russolo, and to be able to report that he is alive and well and living in the Netherlands. His current project Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners has been making (sound) waves since 1995, and after nearly a century of absence, he is back with us, stronger and more vital than ever. His vision and mine have endured across a difficult age - our troubled world needs (now more than ever) a vision of optimism, where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all its spurious forms.

Saluti! Great and dear Marinetti and friends,
Via! Usciamo, pioche non potremmo a lungo frenare in noi
il desiderio di creare finalmente una nuova realta musicale.
(Away! Let us break out since we cannot much longer restrain
our desire to create finally a new musical reality).

How surprising and fine to hear again from you!
With acute ardour and accelerating heartbeats I took notice of
your recent efforts to impregnate ‘our world’ with joy and inspiration.

Never must we slacken, the global hunger for absurdity is almost unappeasable!

With respect and love,

your true and most humble servant,

Prof. Russolo.