Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Pause and then a New Beginning

NeoFuturist Falicitations!
It's been a long while, my comrades and friends, since I posted here - but I am delighted to announce that NeoFuturism is flourishing and actively making links all over the globe.
Recently, I was delighted to reacquaint myself with my dear friend, Luigi Russolo, and to be able to report that he is alive and well and living in the Netherlands. His current project Prof. Russolo & His Noise Intoners has been making (sound) waves since 1995, and after nearly a century of absence, he is back with us, stronger and more vital than ever. His vision and mine have endured across a difficult age - our troubled world needs (now more than ever) a vision of optimism, where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all its spurious forms.

Saluti! Great and dear Marinetti and friends,
Via! Usciamo, pioche non potremmo a lungo frenare in noi
il desiderio di creare finalmente una nuova realta musicale.
(Away! Let us break out since we cannot much longer restrain
our desire to create finally a new musical reality).

How surprising and fine to hear again from you!
With acute ardour and accelerating heartbeats I took notice of
your recent efforts to impregnate ‘our world’ with joy and inspiration.

Never must we slacken, the global hunger for absurdity is almost unappeasable!

With respect and love,

your true and most humble servant,

Prof. Russolo.

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